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Welcome to the offical site of Korhan Gencay : a musician, a bass player, an artist, a photographer and a graphic designer.

I've been practicing bass guitar for more than 15 years. Performed in various bands and projects (in genres mainly Rock, Metal, Pop and Funk). I am an independent musician and a self learner, never had any private lessons etc. I believe in self-developement and always try to be open to new ideas. I am constantly looking forward for new collaborations and participate in music as much as I can. I am available and capable to deliver projects as a musician (write, record, play on tracks. Participate. Create jingles, soundtracks etc.) on pro-level. Sound engineering is a new territory for me but I am working on my skills. So I am also available for mixing and mastering recordings (self / band recordings from amateur to semi-pro level album projects etc).

See what I am capable on my debut E.P. , Inner Colors.

I'm also available from artistic projects to graphic design works. You can also get private lessons from me as a bass guitarist or basics of drawing and painting technics on-line through a very famous app :) So, don't hesitate to contact me...

Inner Colors E.P. is my debut self-album project. I have composed, arranged, performed, recorded, mixed & mastered all tracks myself.   * except for the track "The Tube Vibes (Mind the Gap)", Altug Tanca performed the e. guitar solo (Thanks mate, great work).

As a multi-practiced/talented artist, I try to combine my experiences in art, story telling and music, in harmony. 

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Artist Background

"Observe and Learn..."

To me, music comes first but I also practiced and studied art... 

I have been playing music for about 10-12 years, practiced for about 15 years (and still, of course). Listening since much more earlier... I try to stay alert, observe and learn constantly.

I was born in 1981, graduated from Yıldız Technical University Combined Arts Program. I have practiced various classical painting methods besides digital painting, photo manipulation and video arts.

I have worked mainly as a freelance graphic artist, aside a couple companies.

I currently reside in live in London, UK.

PS: Thanks so much to everyone whom supported and believed in me or taught me. I appreciate it, always.



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Adress: 11A Cabbell Street, London, UK. NW1 5BA

Phone: (+44)7553658638

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